ITT offers products and services to meet a wide range of high speed, freight and passenger rail application needs.

Energy Absorption / Suspension / Vibration Isolation

As the industry leader in motion control solutions in energy absorption, suspension and vibration isolation for the rail market, ITT offers the most comprehensive line of products for passenger rail, locomotive, freight car, track, and signal and communication applications. Offerings include hydraulic shock absorbers, yaw dampers, friction snubbers, air springs, custom elastomers, chevron springs, conical springs, layer springs, visco-elastic and hydraulic buffers, wire rope isolators and rate controls.

Interconnect Solutions

For the rail and mass transit applications, ITT designs and manufactures interconnect solutions, including connectors, interconnects, cable assemblies, I/O card kits and smart card systems.

Seat Controls

ITT’s seat actuation control positioning system offers rail passengers a very fluid seat motion. Its numerous seat position control axes move simultaneously, so that all reach their end of motion at the exact same time, regardless of the starting position.