ITT Corporation

Purpose and Principles

At the most fundamental level, our purpose – We Solve It – is why we exist as a company. Across ITT, we create solutions, find the answer to challenging problems and think our way around obstacles and roadblocks. Our customers choose ITT because we can solve the most difficult engineering challenges they face and just as importantly, our employees choose to work at ITT because they want to use their expertise – whether in engineering, marketing or accounting – to help solve complex challenges and make an enduring impact.

Our purpose is supported by principles for how we work together – Impeccable character, Bold thinking and Collective know-how. These principles not only enhance our ability to achieve our purpose, they help define our healthy, high-performing culture and help us deliver on our ambitious growth strategy. Together, our purpose and principles guide our words and actions every day and are truly touchstones that unite employees across ITT.